April snow brings May..?

The weather this morning was a surprise, not that it wasn’t expected since the weather forecast did show snow…I had chosen to ignore it


After going out for one errand I decided to stay in the rest of the day and catch up on work (ie. episodes I’d missed).

If you’re in the mood for a short documentary you should try “Alexa Chung’s Future of Fashion“. It made me wonder, if I could go back and do university over again would I choose the field I did or something in the fashion industry? (which is something I’ve always wanted to do)

I believe that’s why I started this blog, to say that I’ve tried something within this area. No regrets… can’t say I didn’t try… that sort of thing.


So here’s to snow days, no regrets, and staying warm!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Purse: Fossil
Shoes: Ralph Lauren
Coat: Wilfred Free
Scarf: Do Everything in Love

Author: HawklyCoop

I love fashion, fitness, and food. This is a break from my daily routine and a contribution to the inter web's ever evolving lifestyle websites. Cheers!

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