Quality over Quantity

Lets be honest…fast fashion is fun! The problem is that you end up spending more money than you thought you would on items that probably wont last more than one season.

I am by no means a minimalist, and since I was a teenager I was all about the quantity of clothes in my closet. But over the past few months I’ve started to make changes to the way I shop. I want to decrease the quantity of items I buy…I would rather spend more money on one good sweater that will last a few years compared to getting a new one every few months.

Eventually, I’d like really to decrease the amount of clothes in my closet to have fewer but only good quality pieces. This will also make it easier for moving as I’m not at all close to being settled in one place.

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Above is a brown sweater from Free People which I was on the fence for buying due to the price. But I’m so glad I did because I love it and wear it all the time!

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I also splurged on a Tory Burch purse after I got my first professional job. Again…I don’t regret getting it at all!

What do you prefer, quality or quantity?

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Sweater: Free People
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Intimates: Wacoal
Purse: Tory Burch
Watch: Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: Shellys London



Author: HawklyCoop

I love fashion, fitness, and food. This is a break from my daily routine and a contribution to the inter web's ever evolving lifestyle websites. Cheers!

7 thoughts on “Quality over Quantity”

  1. I’m torn between the two! If I see something cute I want it, but having been on a tight college student budget the last 3.5 years has generally made me prefer quality. I’ve gotten a handle on most of my compulsive buying and if I DO shop, I look for quality pieces at a great price that are classic enough to be on-trend but will last me at least a year. Shopping less frequently has also allowed me to buy better quality clothing in a large amount.

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