What makes a blog unique? How does one seem to outshine others? How the hell do I get followers?!? – these are constant thoughts of mine

It seems like every Joe has a ‘lifestyle’ blog these days… and I’m obviously including myself in this generalized statement and you know what, it’s hard to tell how it’s going to go! Is my site going to be popular?? What can I do to increase views/likes?? I’m really not into the ‘you like me and I’ll like you’, it makes it all seem like a facade.

I wanted to take a gander at blogging because I think it’s a fun idea! Who wouldn’t want to have a mini photoshoot of themselves and to get feedback and inspiration from other people from across the world? But I feel like it’s all the same. Don’t get me wrong, I actually quite enjoy this, but everything is the same!! There are so many other people with either the same outfits or same ideas that I’m posting…and here I was thinking I was unique 😉

Things I’ve come to realize which may make a popular blog:

  1. Quality of photos – this is something I’m lacking as I’m lazy and it’s easier to use an iPhone
  2. Being pretty – all of these girls out there are so beautiful! (I never show my face ha!)
  3. Being skinny – does anyone ever eat?? It’s honestly all I ever think about…now I feel I’m hungry again
  4. Clean and crisp – less is more in this situation. If there are too many pieces in one outfit it gets confusing and causes people to turn away. Be a minimalist…preferably in shades of grey/white/black with the occasional pop of colour

It honestly doesn’t matter though because it is fun to be part of the blogosphere :)…whether 1 or 100 people see it!

So cheers and hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Author: HawklyCoop

I love fashion, fitness, and food. This is a break from my daily routine and a contribution to the inter web's ever evolving lifestyle websites. Cheers!

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